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Boyish Birthdays

March 13th, 2010 | Category: Birthday,Cards

Here are only three of the male birthday cards I made for my mother to send out this year.

male birthday13

male birthday14

male birthday15

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Planning A Birthday Party For Kids

March 10th, 2010 | Category: Birthday

Before you know it, your child’s birthday is coming soon! As the day is fast approaching, you find yourself searching for ways to make the celebration extra special more than your child had in his previous birthdays. However, just as how often you do the planning for your kid’s party, every time you plan a birthday party you are back to frustrating moments again.

If you want to plan a birthday party, it’s not difficult. I give you some some tips to make the birthday event as fun and special the way you wanted it to be.

To plan a birthday party means to come up with bright ideas with your spouse and the rest of your children. What if you are organizing the party for the very first time? What you need to do is, ideas from other family members, friends and relatives would certainly matter. You can begin asking for their ideas and inputs in making everything as organize as possible. Keep in mind, planning a birthday party for your kid requires not only one idea from one person but a group effort devised by people involved in the planning and brainstorming stage.

Create a Checklist
If you plan a birthday party for your kid, party supplies are major consideration. From the birthday cake, foods, drinks, venue, number of people; they must be included in your checklist. To make everything well planned and organized, jotting these down to a notebook will help. If you plan for a party, writing down the details will play a big role in your planning stage. At this stage you will need to weigh things carefully. If you are aiming for a particular cake for the party, compare the prices and put that in your checklist. This will help you in creating a well thought out details in your child’s party. Checklist is very important because it will prevent you from missing out a detail which can spoil the party. Learn some nice burger recipe, you shouldn’t forget about food. Alternatively, visit some free recipe online for inspirations

Sending Out The Invitations
The next important thing to look at is the guests invitation. Organizing a kid’s birthday party would mean that most of the time you will have guests who are the same age as your birthday child, plus parents who may turn up too. With this, you need to count in the number of people that will accompany a child in the party. Make sure that you must send the cards at least 14 days ahead. The rationale is that this will allow the invited guests to keep that time free for your kids party.

It’s Party Time!
Planning doesn’t stop at the actual day of the party. The actual party is the realization of your program. Organizing a birthday party means to be in constant monitor of the whole party until it comes to an end, do not panic if anything goes wrong. If you have planned for emergencies you shouldn’t worry too much.

Planning a birthday party is not easy, but all the efforts and hard work will be worth the effort just by seeing a smile on your child’s face as he whoops it up and enjoy his big day.

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