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Birthday Gifts: What To Buy For Your Girlfriend

January 25th, 2011 | Category: Birthday

Whether you’re new to buying presents for women or experienced at it, it can still be daunting trying to shop for your girlfriend’s birthday gift. After all, what if she doesn’t like it? We’ve put together a guide of great gift ideas she’s sure to love no matter what her taste. Of course, as she’s a woman, her taste is bound to include chocolate. While chocolate should never be the only present you get her, it can be a great accompaniment to the main gift, especially if it’s an expensive box.

One way of making a really good impression is to get her tickets to a show. If she’s dropped any hints about concerts she wants to see, take her up on them and get her tickets to see her favorite band. You could also get her tickets to a fashion show or cookery show depending on her hobbies. Also, if there are any musicals or plays she’s always wanted to see, you could make her feel special by getting tickets.

If you’re brave enough to take the risk of buying clothing for women, then a leather jacket is a really good gift idea. Make sure you go for one that has really good tailoring so it will be durable and last her for years, making it a great, long-lasting birthday gift. You can always ask her best friend along to help you buy it so you make sure you get the right size and a design that suits her style.

If your girlfriend is the sort of woman for who buying anything runs the risk that she’ll return it at the first opportunity, then buying her gift vouchers might be your safest option. It shouldn’t be too hard for you to find out what her favorite store is and get her some vouchers for there so she can choose her own gift. If she loves a bit of pampering, she might also appreciate getting vouchers to visit a spa or health club for some relaxation.

Lastly, if she’s a woman who really loves reading, then an absolutely fantastic gift would be an e-reader. This will allow her to condense her whole library down into the e-reader and carry it around wherever she goes. When you consider that studies show women buy 80% of all fiction books, you can see that this is probably a really good gift to buy her. You’re sure to end up in her good books, and it’s kind to the environment as it means less paper is used for printing.

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