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Easy Tips For Getting 1st Birthday Party Supplies

February 12th, 2011 | Category: Birthday

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Your child is about to turn a year old, and the task lies before you of shopping for 1st birthday party supplies. How can you do get this done without it being a complete nightmare? The whole process of throwing your child’s first birthday party can put you under a lot of pressure, since it is kind of a big deal. Your baby only has a first birthday once, right?
Look, you don’t need to let yourself get a headache over this. It can actually be pretty fun once you start to get into it! The best way to start is by choosing a theme. Think about your child’s favorite toys or cartoons. What makes your baby smile? Choose something that brings your baby happiness, and make that the theme for your party.

Then you will need to make your list of 1st birthday party supplies. This will be when you decide on decorations such as balloons, streamers and signs. You will want to center everything on your theme, even the cups, bowls and plates. You should also try to get invitations that go along with your theme too.
Probably the most important thing is the cake. You can order your cake ahead of time from a specialty store or even your local grocery store. Most of them will be able to cater to your theme, as well as personalize the cake with your child’s name. A lot of parents these days are even getting a separate decorated cupcake for their one year old to dive into rather than giving them a slice of the cake. It’s all up to you and your personal preference.
Birthday cupcakes
Photo by Eric Gravengaard, eric1g on Flickr

You are also going to want to think about the setup of your home. How are you going to place your furniture? Do you need to move some things around to make space? Will you need to get some folding chairs?
You should probably get something to lie down on your floor. Little kids (and even adults) tend to have accidents and spills. A little prevention never hurt anyone!

When you are deciding on what decorations you want to buy, don’t get all carried away. It doesn’t take a lot to make your party room look festive. It is not at all necessary to cover every square inch with a streamer or balloon. This only makes the place look gaudy and even a little creepy. Resist the urge to get overexcited.
What kind of activities do you want to have? Babies love music. You can purchase some CDs that are geared towards babies and have little sing-a-longs. Consider playing some games that involve the parents and babies altogether. It’s always more fun when everyone is involved.

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