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First Birthday Souvenir Ideas – Anniversary Gifts – Ideas And Instructions

March 13th, 2011 | Category: Birthday

A first birthday is a record in a child’s life. The first birthday gift is an important part of this process of honoring the addition to the private.

Clothing Shows You Care
Clothing can be a fantastic first birthday gift. In order to avoid delivering a gift that is predictable, make sure that you make your fashion gift truly only one of its kind and memorable. Finally, for a truly fantastic first birthday gift, shop at a boutique seller.

Preserve the Memories for Parents
Any parent who has raised a child knows just how fast they grow. A perfect Birthday Gifts is any item that allows the parents to stop time and hold those memories forever. Picture frames, memory books and scrapbooks are ideal choices.

Fun for Baby
Of course, any time you consider what to purchase as a birthday gift, you need to stop and think about what the birthday child will enjoy. For a first birthday gift, the baby is at a stage where they are still developing quite quickly. For example, pick a classic book that can be read to baby.

Loved these books Photo by Jelene Morris, jelene on Flickr

Most babies receive dozens of toys and personal items on their first birthday. There are several easy options for investing in the baby’s name.

If you’re interested in choosing a gag gift for a friend, relative, or co-worker, then here are some tips to find the perfect 18th birthday gifts:

1. Give a homemade gag gift.

There’s always something special about receiving a homemade gift from someone. Giving this type of gift emphasizes the fact that indeed, “It’s the thought that counts.” And these thoughts will cause the gift-receiver to smile or chuckle! If the gift recipient is nearing retirement, some excellent options include a mini retirement fund (a penny in a baby food jar), or a DIY cane. As with any other type of gag gift, make sure to select the present that you give carefully.

2. Avoid embarrassing or offending the gift recipient.

While this is important when giving a gift, it’s especially true when giving a gag gift. Some people might not respond well to receiving this type of gift. The key is to pick a gift that will cause the gift recipient to smile or chuckle with glee, without turning red with embarrassment.

3. Make the gift personal.

Like when giving any other birthday gifts, this is crucial. Thinking about the gift-recipient will help to make the present extra-special.

4. Choose the right gift wrap.

This is a crucial step when choosing a gag gift. It will hint at that type of gift that you’re giving. You could choose some humorous gift wrap, which will give a clue that you’re going to give a gag gift. Another option would be to wrap the gift using colorful wrapping paper. When choosing a birthday gift, why not choose a gag gift?

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Great Party Invite Ideas For All Parties

March 04th, 2011 | Category: Birthday

Thinking of a party, need invitations? Well there is a great deal of choice and some people are lucky enough to have the budget for specially made bespoke party invites. However, if you have a normal or lower budget then this should not mean you expect to receive lower quality. Your celebration is an important occasion and this means that the first impression is very important – and the invitations are generally the first impression that your guests are going to receive. There are places on the web that offer a service where you can enter your details and they will print your invites out – however these are normally very low quality and don’t offer that level of personalisation that a quality hand written invite has. So it is possible to have a quality invitation at a reasonable price.

Perch party Photo by Etsy Ketsy on Flickr

There is a huge choice of invitation options and the content within each will vary depending on the occasion. The main types of invites that are sent out are for birthday parties, engagement parties or themed general parties – but some people choose to send out invitations for other occasions like hen parties, stag nights or christenings. When sending out your invitations consider what extra information you are going to require as some occasions will require extra details such as dress code, gift list information, local accommodation information and directions to the location. As well as extra information, you may also want to include an RSVP card that your invited guests can complete and return to you informing their attendance. Make sure you include a reply by date deadline, as most venues and suppliers will have given you a deadline to inform them off the attendance numbers.

Outside the world of general party invites there’s a massive call for kids party invitations. The kid’s birthday is becoming a super organised, very special occasion with parents organising fantastic parties. These are now often themed with the latest kids craze, such as: toy story 3, hello kitty, Disney tangled or The Gruffalo! Therefore the whole party will be themed around this and that includes the initial party invitations but that’s not the end of it. You can now get the whole themed set to cater for your children’s parties, meaning the plates, cups, napkins, invites, decorations, balloons and even in some circumstances – themed party bags to end off the party in style when the kids go home!

So let’s sum things up! The invite is the first experience and impression that a guest will have about your party – it will set the scene and level of expectation so it’s important you choose the right invitations! Make sure you include all the information that is needed along with an RSVP card should you require details of people attending.

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