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Birthday Gift Ideas – For Those Who Leave It Late

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Most of us have been in the position where we are rushing around at the last minute to find a suitable birthday present for someone. Often, we are too busy or forget that it is someone’s birthday until we have no time left to go shopping for something. So, what makes a great last minute birthday gift?

You cannot go far wrong with flowers. There are always an endless amount of flowers to choose from at any time of the year. If you are not sure what would be most suitable, just ask the florist what they think would be best bouquet or basket to give as a birthday present. One of the best things about buying flowers for someone is that you can also place orders online and have them delivered to the person’s home. Whether you have them delivered or hand them over yourself, be sure to spend 5 minutes writing a personal and meaningful message to accompany them.

Instead of flowers, or in addition to them, you can buy a special box of chocolates or candies. Note the word ‘special’, because just buying any ones from the nearest supermarket will not make a very impression on the person that you are giving them to. Then there are cakes too, which everyone loves, especially on their birthday. If you have two hours and any baking experience then it is best to make it yourself – your friend or family member will really appreciate that. Buying one from a bakery is perfectly ok though, as there are great ones to choose from. Spending an extra dollar or two to have it personalized with a message is a must.

If you are not convinced by getting them either a cake, confectionery or flowers, then your last option is to take them out somewhere special. You could take them to a really nice restaurant, buy tickets for a show or a sports game, or organize an activity such as paint-balling or bowling. When you see them, give them a card and ask them if they are free next weekend, and if not then make arrangements for the first weekend that they are free. Do not keep what you will be doing as a surprise because they will think that you do not actually know what you will be doing. Just say, “My present to you is that we will be doing … next …”.

Those ideas will be enough to get yourself out a difficult decision and avoid disappointing your friend or family member. Of course, try not to get yourself in this situation in the first place – be more organized!

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