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Guardians of the Galaxy GOTG Birthday Party

June 25th, 2015 | Category: Birthday

Guardians of the Galaxy was the birthday theme for our new 7 year old. My mother-in-law created the edible Rocket Raccoon and Groot.

GOTG Table Cover

GOTG plates


Edible Groots

Rocket Raccoon

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Monsters University Birthday Party

June 20th, 2015 | Category: Birthday

Our new 5 year old had a birthday party with a Monsters University theme. Homemade cake, since he has an egg food allergy, a game and an MU piñata.

MU Table Cover

MU hat

MU decor1

MU decor2


MU cake1

MU cake2


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Nephews’ Birthdays

May 01st, 2014 | Category: Birthday,family

My oldest nephew turned the big eighteen yesterday and another of my nephews has his 5th birthday today. It’s crazy how time flies, isn’t it?! The 18 year old is finishing up his senior year of high school and doing very well in volleyball with his team. He would like to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, since they recently reduced the male age to 18 instead of 19. He’s such a good kid. He would be the ideal son. One who didn’t get into very much trouble, one who makes everyone laugh with his jokes, one who cares about the underdog in a group, one who is responsible enough to babysit his younger siblings, one who never got hooked on drugs or anything habitual so far, and one who loves his family and would do anything for them. He really has grown up very well. I still remember the chubby little-boy days. Heehee! I used to snap photos of him as a kid and they were some of my favorites by teachers and friends. I’m a very proud aunt to call him my nephew. The 5 year old is growing up as well. He had 6 friends he invited over to his birthday party. He currently has white blonde hair (a toe-head) and is super tall for his age. He’s a super busy boy, always moving, keeping his mom and dad on their toes. I’m so blessed to have such good nieces and nephews!

Happy 18th Birthday and Happy 5th Birthday, boys!

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Luau Party Ideas For Birthdays

March 25th, 2014 | Category: Birthday

guest post
Luau Party Ideas

A Luau-style party is a great sweet sixteen theme and is sure to be a hit, no matter the season. Bring Hawaii to you! You can plan a memorable Hawaiian Luau party with these tips. This is a great way to get your friends together and have a hula-swinging time. Here are tips and ideas to make your luau party the talk of the town.

A Luau Party is a Perfect Sweet Sixteen Party Idea

A Luau is a feast in Hawaii. The party fare includes a pig, poi, salmon, and beer, music and hula dancers. If you do not have a pool, and do not leave near water, you can host the party in your back yard. Invite guests to wear their flip flops, bikinis, shorts and flowered shirts, or a cute sundress. The mood should be relaxed with soothing Hawaiian music playing in the back ground, plenty of colorful decorations: think potted Hibiscus, silk or paper flowers, bright streamers, inflatable palm trees and fish, and lots of good food! Uninvite mosquitoes and flies by using citronella oil as fuel in your tiki torches.

If your party is in the evening, turn off the outdoor lights and set up string lights, tiki torches and candles. Fun string light designs, like surf boards and parrots, can be found at a local store or ordered online through a party supply store. One online party supply is called Shindigz. Floating candles in the swimming pool look fantastic. You can also take white Christmas lights and put them in backyard trees and drape them over bushes and plants.

Use tropical-themed table coverings on the serving tables. To add more flair to the serving tables, add some colorful silk flowers. If you have some sea shells, place these on the serviing tables as well, to round out the theme. Use whole pineapples and coconuts to hold down the table cloths or nets. Hula skirts make fantastic party decorations. Hang them on the serving tables to add extra tropical flair! If you have a surfboard, bring that out of storage and set it up against the wall.

Get more Sweet Sixteen Party tips and Sweet 16 Traditions

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First Birthday Souvenir Ideas – Anniversary Gifts – Ideas And Instructions

March 13th, 2011 | Category: Birthday

A first birthday is a record in a child’s life. The first birthday gift is an important part of this process of honoring the addition to the private.

Clothing Shows You Care
Clothing can be a fantastic first birthday gift. In order to avoid delivering a gift that is predictable, make sure that you make your fashion gift truly only one of its kind and memorable. Finally, for a truly fantastic first birthday gift, shop at a boutique seller.

Preserve the Memories for Parents
Any parent who has raised a child knows just how fast they grow. A perfect Birthday Gifts is any item that allows the parents to stop time and hold those memories forever. Picture frames, memory books and scrapbooks are ideal choices.

Fun for Baby
Of course, any time you consider what to purchase as a birthday gift, you need to stop and think about what the birthday child will enjoy. For a first birthday gift, the baby is at a stage where they are still developing quite quickly. For example, pick a classic book that can be read to baby.

Loved these books Photo by Jelene Morris, jelene on Flickr

Most babies receive dozens of toys and personal items on their first birthday. There are several easy options for investing in the baby’s name.

If you’re interested in choosing a gag gift for a friend, relative, or co-worker, then here are some tips to find the perfect 18th birthday gifts:

1. Give a homemade gag gift.

There’s always something special about receiving a homemade gift from someone. Giving this type of gift emphasizes the fact that indeed, “It’s the thought that counts.” And these thoughts will cause the gift-receiver to smile or chuckle! If the gift recipient is nearing retirement, some excellent options include a mini retirement fund (a penny in a baby food jar), or a DIY cane. As with any other type of gag gift, make sure to select the present that you give carefully.

2. Avoid embarrassing or offending the gift recipient.

While this is important when giving a gift, it’s especially true when giving a gag gift. Some people might not respond well to receiving this type of gift. The key is to pick a gift that will cause the gift recipient to smile or chuckle with glee, without turning red with embarrassment.

3. Make the gift personal.

Like when giving any other birthday gifts, this is crucial. Thinking about the gift-recipient will help to make the present extra-special.

4. Choose the right gift wrap.

This is a crucial step when choosing a gag gift. It will hint at that type of gift that you’re giving. You could choose some humorous gift wrap, which will give a clue that you’re going to give a gag gift. Another option would be to wrap the gift using colorful wrapping paper. When choosing a birthday gift, why not choose a gag gift?

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